Valhalla honors and uplifts America’s front-line defenders, its children, and its natural glory because we know that through the wilderness, we heal. Outside, our spirits rise.

Through Valhalla, we lend our strength to nonprofits that support veterans, their families, and youth in need. We donate our muscle and heart to those taking an active role in protecting America’s wildlife and habitat. We champion active-duty military, veterans, and first responders. We do this, together, because we should and because we can.

- This is Valhalla.

Valhalla members receive early and exclusive access to new and limited edition products.

Charitable Partners

At Valhalla we prioritize protection of the untamed wild, so our country’s children in need, selfless heroes and patriots can grow ever stronger through their connection to the natural world. Valhalla uplifts these and other charitable partners with donations of product, financial support, and event sponsorship and organization.

Valhalla Honors

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VIP Membership

We offer VIP membership — and rewards — to active-duty military, veterans, and first responders. To become a Valhalla VIP, you must first establish your status as a member of one of these groups. Upon verification of your credentials, you will receive a Valhalla VIP card with a unique identification number to activate your account.

Valhalla VIP ELITE is an invitation-only program for those at the apex of their fields. ELITE members gain access to exclusive Valhalla items and events. Membership to VIP ELITE is by invitation only.

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